Fashion Tips

Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring

Carmel Snow

A woman’s shirt does not have to be boring; it needs a dash of daring.

Elegance is a combination of grace, style, distinction and good taste, simple and uncomplicated, yet striking.

This is what JSapphirah shirts are about!

At JSapphirah, we do not compromise on quality. Investing in a good quality shirt that will last several years is far preferable to a cheaper option with a limited lifespan.

Our classic look shirts look great with pencil skirts and tailored trousers (including high waisters) in a dark colour. Our fitted shirts work best for that ‘neat tucked-in’ look.

Our shirts with ruffles or frills do not require any accessories; remember, keep it simple.

Our more colourful shirts (i.e. statement shirts) speak for themselves when combined with a pair of jeans or dark trousers for a more formal look. For a touch of extravagance accessorize with costume jewellery or a wide belt.



Wide-leg pants or man-style trousers and a timeless classic cut work best with our scarf collar shirts


Fitted, straight legged or boot cut. If you have the body shape to wear it, then skinny jeans. These may be worn with any of our cuts for that casual but elegant daytime look.

  • Always check the care instructions and follow them carefully.

  • If you use a washing machine, ensure all buttons are undone to avoid the material being pulled out of shape and to reduce the strain on the button stitches. Repair any loose buttons immediately to prevent loss.

  • To get the best from your shirt press with a hot iron while still damp as this will eliminate the need to use starch and help prevent damage to the shirt.

  • Avoid starch as it weakens the thread. Spray shirt with a fine mist of water.

  • When dry cleaning your shirt, always select the hand laundered service if available.

We recommend specialist dry cleaning. Do not hand-wash.

Use wooden hangers. This will ensure that the shirt keeps the shape for longer.

To prevent damage to your JSapphirah collar and cuffs, try not to cram your clothes tightly in your wardrobes.

To avoid antiperspirant stains, apply your deodorant or perfume and wait a few minutes before putting on the shirt.