How to Wear – July Edition

How to Wear – July Edition

How to Wear – July Edition

Hey Ladies & welcome to our first monthly edition of ‘How to Wear’!

It is important when wearing an outfit to not only feel good but know how to coordinate & combine items of clothing that will complement each other. ‘Clothing is a non-verbal tool’ which reflects & expresses so much about an individual from their preferences to personality & even values.

So whether you’re a beginner in need of some tips or a master looking to perfect your forte in all things fashion & style, then look no further because JSapphirah will be just a click away to guide you in making a great first impression which conveys that personal touch!

This month JSapphirah has been looking at How to Wear what has become a bold & daring fashion statement…STRIPES. Whether, vertical, horizontal, thick, thin, black & white or with a touch of colour, stripes make a graphic statement.

We’ve put together a number of striped clothing & accessories including items from our very own JSapphirah Collection which can be worn as:

  • Striped Blouse with a pair of skinny jeans OR black trousers/pants complimented with high heels
  • Striped Accessories – Clutch Bag with a simple fitted red OR black dress & signature stiletto heels
  • Striped Accessories – Head Band/Wrap with an off shoulder maxi dress OR fitted maxi dress
  • Classic Striped Shirt with a plain pencil skirt OR cropped slim fit trousers
  • Striped Pleated Midi Skirt with a plain fitted vest/camisole top
  • Striped Cropped Sweater with a plain white shirt under & a pair of high waisted shorts
  • Striped Fitted Blazer with a flared midi dress
  • Striped Jumpsuit with black wedged heels & a black clutch bag
  • Hint of Stripes if you prefer to stay away from bold patterns you can work with shirts that only display stripes on the sleeves or neck line area etc.
  • Striped Vertical Trousers/Pants with plain t-shirt &/OR black fitted blazer

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Look out for next month’s edition of ‘How to Wear’ AND don’t forget to follow us, like us, tweet about us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!


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